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Meridian Library District

Program Summary

The mission:READventure
Calling all teens (ages 12-18)! The Meridian Library District, in collaboration with GoGo Labs Inc., will host a three day 3D Game Lab to create a fun, interactive way to challenge your peers in reading. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to bring your creativity, your collaboration, and your gaming skills to this FREE community workshop. By earning badges through various reading quests, READventure will cause you to re-imagine just how much fun books can be! The training will be hosted at the Meridian Library August 7th-9th from 10:00-2:00 each day.

The characters:
Gogo Labs is based in beautiful Boise, Idaho. Their mission is to empower, inspire and engage teachers and students using quest-based learning, and game-like learning communities. Read more about their 3D Game Lab at http://3dgamelab.com/. The Meridian Library District strives to provide ongoing innovative learning opportunities for all ages. Their teen programs frequently involve hands on learning through robotics and other STEAM activities. Read more about the Meridian Library at www.mld.org

The supplies:
All the components necessary for the Game Lab will be provided at the library. In addition, we will also serve lunch each day to help you power-up when your energy gets low.

The Bonus Round:
Once your mission is completed you will have created a game that can be used by up to 175 teens to encourage reading and participatory social engagement. Your product will be featured at the August 10th Teen Movie Night during a 30 second commercial from the Meridian Library. Expected attendance will be in the thousands, so bring your best game to this event!

The Reward:
This is your chance to be the designer. Create quests and badges to share and swap with your friends. Do you have what it takes to be the last reader standing?


Draft Agenda:
July 8th: Advertisements Begin

July 15th: Signups open for Boys and Girls Club teens

July 22nd: Signups open for Meridian Library teen patrons

August 5th: Signups Close

August 7th-9th: 3D Game Lab lead by Gogo Labs at Meridian Library to create interactive quest based reading game. Program runs from 10:00-2:00 each day with lunch provided at noon.

August 10th: Reading game is featured at Meridian Teen Movie Night during a 30 second commercial. All teens are challenged to compete against their peers.

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