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Youth Young Adult Fellowship Alliance (YYAFA)

Program Summary

The YYAFA summer program is currently accepting youth from the ages of 1-18, with a variety of programs to include sports camps, educational seminars, devotionals, free nutritional programs and more, that are designed to meet the needs of each age group. This year, it is the intent of YYAFA to incorporate a computer safety and awareness program for all of our middle and high school students. As you may very well be aware, the advancement of technology has become prominent in our schools, work, and social environments. With this being said, there are grave concerns about keeping our youth safe, and parents educated about these technological advancements sweeping our nation. The YYAFA SAFETY SURFERS, with an educated mentor will be teaching our youth how to raise awareness, take precautions, and use safety measures while surfing and browsing the web. With a great deal of our youth coming from low income and indigent households, multiple parents have in fact expressed their concerns about the lack of knowledge and skill they possess in computer literacy. Parents feel as though they are not properly educated and equipped to be able to assist their children in computer safety. Therefore, the YYAFA SAFETY SURFERS is inviting all parents to come out, support, and join their children in learning how to be safe while using the web. We will have a one week seminar designed particularly for further educating the parents about technological advancements, and how to properly monitor their children while online. The YYAFA SAFETY SURFERS program will be for the months of July through September and will include a variety of activities such as developing safety web programs, learning safe communication techniques, community awareness, creativity workshops, luncheons and more. Keeping our youth safe is and will always be a priority here at the YYAFA.


It is the intent of the YYAFA SAFETY SURFERS to have a minimum five hour five day a week program in which all youth are able to learn techniques and strategies on how to maintain a safe web presence. The classes from day to day will include giving youth volatile tips such as information on predators, what they should do if they receive unsolicited advances, web dating, cyberbullying, and more. Parents will in their seminar learn about how to set parental controls, how to monitor their children’s web usage, talking to their children about predators, teen sexting, and other valuable information. During the course of the program the youth and parents will learn how to set up and utilize an application in which all YYAFA SAFETY SURFERS will have access to in order to spread community awareness once the program has ended. There will be a luncheon prior to the program start date to give information and solicit participants, volunteers, staff members, and encourage community support throughout the duration of the program. There will be a notable community guest speaker that will come out and speak to youth about computer safety and much more.

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